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Kampung Daun-Indonesia Culture Gallery & Cafe

Kampung Daun

Jl. Sersan Bajuri Km. 4,7 No. 88 RR1
Bandung (West Java) -Indonesia
Phone : 022-2787915, 2784572, 2784573
Fax : 022- 2787881

“Welcome to our village, Kampung Daun”
This friendly greeting greet you when enter Kampung Daun Culture Gallery & Café area. The atmosphere in this place is full of friendliness, peace, and homey.

To introduce the uniqueness of village around Java (Indonesia) to the visitors who most of them come from big cities, Kampung Daun serve various things that you can enjoy. Especially for people who feel bored with Big city’s lifestyle, that Kampung daun is the right choice for you to visit.

Here you will find various characteristic and uniqueness of rural that still traditional but elegant. In this café , you can find huckster who sell traditional Indonesian food such as “dodol lipet, gulali, and harum manis”. And also you can enjoy local entertainment such as music. It will be more felt like in a village

Kampung Daun is located in a small valley, Cihideung region, in north Bandung city. Its location is 4,7 km from entrance of Sersan Bajuri Street, near the Terminal Ledeng intersection. Way to Lembang.

You can choose the food place as you like. You can choose hut with wood chairs or without it (it’s called lesehan). Or just lay down enjoying the fresh air in this area. If you want to enjoy the unique natural rock cliff, feel the fresh of waterfall, you can walk a little deeper. There, you can find high rock cliff.

Waterfall at Kampung Daun

Romantic atmosphere will be felt at night. Along the entrance to Kampung Daun, you will be welcomed by colorful lampion. Torches that blazes on the left and right side if the road makes the trees looked like silhouette dance follow the wind.

Night at Kampung Daun

The food decorations become the main attention too. Various accessories such as plate made of bamboo and fruit as rice bowl, all decoration is natural. The most of menu that served by Kampung Daun is traditional menu. Don’t forget to enjoy the favorite food such as “Kampung Daun Timbel rice”.

Nasi Tutug Oncom
Steamed rice mixed with crushed oncom (Sundanese fermented peanut cake)

Bandrek & Bajigur
Traditional warming beverage of Indonesia's West Java region

Nasi Gudeg
Traditional javanese salad with rice

Hot tea

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