Sabtu, 28 Juni 2008

Tea Parade

Tea is come from China. The tea plant is also called as Camellia sinensis.
It was said that tea has been there for 6000 years ago. This plant became famous after China made it into commodity, same as silk and porcelain. And now, tea plants have been spread over the world. Because of that, the tea plants become various. It is because of the climate and soil in each place in the world. Tea has many benefits like prevent various diseases and help to improve concentration.

There is 3 kinds of tea, they are:

1. Green Tea
This tea isn’t processed with culture processing. So the original color of tea leaves doesn’t change.

2. Black Tea
This tea is the opposite of green tea. Black tea is fully processed with culture processing. The result is the tea leaves become black. Compared to the green tea, black tea has more aroma and flavor.

3. Oolong tea
This kind of tea is variation of black tea and green tea. Because this tea is only processed with half culture processing. Because of that, its flavor and aroma are between green tea and black tea.

Variation of tea above can be divided again, for example:

1. Aroma tea: This tea is mixed with fruit or flower aroma.
For example: Jasmine, Lemon, Mango, Peach.

2. Herbal tea: This tea is mixed with seasoning, plants, that can be eaten,.
For example: Ginger, Clove, Pepper.

3. Chai Thai: This kind of tea is unique because of using Vanilla aroma and roasted corn.

4. Moroccan Tea: This kind of tea uses green tea. But it is mixed with sugar and peppermint.

5. Masala Chai: This kind of tea is usually drunk in India. Its compositions are black tea, water, milk, and seasoning.

6. English Breakfast Tea: This tea is made from the tea that grows in Srilanka or Assam.

7. Irish Breakfast Tea: this tea use black tea that got from Assam. This tea is rich in malt.

8. Earl Grey Tea: This tea is got from Srilanka and India, also using esensial bergamot oil.

9. Darjeeling Tea: This tea is good to be drunk in the afternoon. Its leaves are picked from very high place. To be drunk, Darjeeling Tea is usually mixed by fruits aroma.

10. Bubble Tea: This tea is popular now. The tea is mixed with fruits aroma, shaken, and added tapioca pearls.

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